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The Rise of the AI Lawyer

We have been seeing posts, articles and blogs on ChatGPT, AI, and the law for a few months now. The efficacy and ethics of using ChatGPT or any publicly available AI software by lawyers is being discussed daily. Others are debating if AI will replace human attorneys. I have my own predictions on how AI will impact the practice of law.

1. Can GPT AI replace certain legal work? Yes

2. Will it? Yes

3. How soon? Fairly soon. Under 2 years.

4. Should lawyers use public AI for legal advice? No.

5. Should lawyers use public AI for general questions? Yes, but without any confidential and attorney client privileged information.

6. Are there ethical concerns with using public or open source AI for legal advice? Yes. Please read this thoughtful and thought provoking article on this issue by the brilliant and witty Foster Sayers.

7. Why should lawyers and legal professionals use public AI tools like ChatGPT with non confidential and non ACP information? To train it. To make it better. It is not going away. It will improve, but on someone else’s terms if you don't get involved. Train it on your terms.

8. Will AI replace lawyers? Yes, if that is what the public wants someday, or the government in some countries. It is not impossible or improbable that one day AI can perform all legal functions, but does the public want that? The clients or end users will drive this transformation, not the tech companies. Thankfully, lawyers and the legal justice system can no longer manipulate the public as they have in the past by withholding knowledge, access and power. Therefore clients or the public at large will decide who should represent them. I am ok with AI lawyers as long as there is freedom to choose.

Don’t be threatened by AI. Train it. Use it. How do you feel about AI powered legal work? For more information on ChatGPT, check out their website.


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