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Conquer your month end contracts.

Well, it’s that time of the month. You have less than 24 hours to redline, approve, and send contracts out for signatures. Almost all of them became urgent today. The stakeholders are pinging your general counsel immediately after sending you the contract followed by twenty thousand messages in two hours.

Sure, the stakeholders, the counterparties and you could have done a few things differently, but now is not the time to blame anyone. Save those thoughts for the first of next month. For now, try these tips to sort, review and sign contracts before the deadline.

  1. Send off approved contracts for eSignatures ASAP.

  2. Take care of short contracts like amendments and renewals next.

  3. For renewal orders that look familiar, do a doc compare first to see how red it is. Then do your thing. There is nothing wrong with using technology to speed up your work.

  4. Write an “Urgent Approval Requested” email or Slack, and copy paste it for faster approval requests or send reminders with your contract management software or CLM.

  5. Make stakeholders chase the signatures as soon as they are sent.

These tips should help you get through the last 24-48 hours of every month. After the last agreement is signed, walk away and do not look at the rest of the contracts until the next day. Vanish into your me time. You've earned it.

What are your tips to combat month end contracts chaos?


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